How engineering students and MBA students should work in rural india

we as a engineer will go and work with rural india as a internship program like doctors. As a doctor, before going to join or start their own clinic, they should work in a village.

Same thing applicable to engineers to make sure we understand indian culture and expections and explore more in village.

Help them in understand their work life balance and solve agriculture problem. build products to automate their efforts and make sure to increase their productivity.

As a MBA student, we should teach agri people or their children's. Whoever educated in their village family on how to take their agri products in to market.

How to set price point to their agri products and get subsidies from government policies. MBA students should teach marketing and Public Relationship (PR) , Branding to Agri people to help them and understand global market

create channel and platform for village people and farmers to understand how selling works, how they should play smart in pricing and selling things…

Worst advocates list in srivilliputhur - srivilliputhur advocates

When i try to approach lot of srivilliputhur advocates in my life, They are looking for money. Yes. It's very clear right. Everyone

Shortfundly - A unique startup

Shortfundly - A unique startup: A novel attempt to showcase the talents of budding film-makers. A startup to promote short-film makers

NIT Festember 2016 Event Teaser



கோமாளி.!: ஒவ்வொரு மனிதனிடமும் இன்னொரு மனிதனிடம் சொல்வதற்கு ஏதோ ஒரு கதை இருக்கிறது. அந்தக் கதையைக் கேட்டு அவன் பாராட்டவோ, திட்டவோ, அழவோ, சிரிக்கவோ, க...

SBI mobile banking SMS charges - cancel it now

Most of the indian banks, even private banks are not charging any money for sending and receiving transaction SMS alert. But SBI mobile banking enables and charging users for 15 rupees to receive this SMS alerts. This is not fare for generic customers. Most of the banks are not putting these charges.

We request State bank of india (SBI) to cancel these additional charges. They charging on monthly basis for these charges. If you don't like this over charges as a individual you can raise your voice to cancel these additional charges from SBI.

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